Monday, June 25, 2012

Hi I'm Ollie!

Hello World!! Arf arf to my fellow doggie pals!

My two legged human (I think her name is Mom?) has one of these things she calls a blog.  She left me all by myself today, and the computer was out on the table, so I decided to borrow the computer and become a writer too!  I mean, I have lots of things to say.  You humans should listen.

I want to put a picture here for all my new friends to know what I look like...but using that camera thing is tricky.  Plus I do not have thumbs, so its even more tricky.  But here are a few that I managed to take.  I think they look great.

Aren't' I handsome??  I only got to take these two pictures because the camera makes a scary beeping noise that I do not like one bit!  When mom takes the camera out I start to shake because it scares me so much.  Beeping noises are bad news.

Maybe I will ask mom to help me with a picture when she gets home.  Where is she anyway? Why can't she take me with her all the time? So rude! I do not go places and leave her by herself.

Well that is all I have to say right now.  But you should come back and visit a lot because I have lots more to share!

This is Ollie's mom - I came home from dinner while he was in the middle of trying to finish up his post, and so I agreed to help him out with the typing and picture taking.  Trust me, you do not want to see what his spelling looked like :-)  So I will be his fingers and picture snapper, but the words are all his.  He makes everyone around him laugh daily, so I am sure his blog will be no different!

Oh, and he was insistent that we use the two pictures he took, but he also wanted to add one more so you can get a good look at him.  So here is Ollie!  For the record, he is an almost 9 year old Shih-tzu.

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